My favourite things to do in London


The other day at work, someone asked what my favourite things to do in London were. Of course, afterwards, I spent the rest of the day nostalgically thinking about this. For those who have been to London, you will know that you can never be bored in London, and there are way too many things to list and even recall. Not to mention that the best way to explore London is to walk around, get lost and find amazing things for yourself. Regardless of this, I’ve managed to compile a couple of my favourites into a small list.

I would recommend doing any/all of these things.

  • Catch the tube to Camden, wander around the shops, get a pint at any bar, sit at a window and people watch. Afterwards pretend like you aren’t dying of exhaustion whilst you walk up Primrose hill to watch the sunset.
  • Hit up Borough Market, get a coffee from Monmouth. Buy like 5 different kinds of cheese and some baguettes, sit down along the thames somewhere and have a picnic.
  • Walk along the embankment between Waterloo bridge and Westminster bridge and take photos.
  • Catch the tube to Baker St, go find 221B, pay the 5 pound to go inside and walk around and pretend your Sherlock Holmes and/or John Watson.
  • If it’s a Sunday, go hang out at Brick Lane markets. Even if it’s not a Sunday, go hang out at Brick Lane, meet some interesting people, eat some curry, have some ciders.
  • Explore High gate cemetery and take some more photos.
  • Have a coffee and/or breakfast at Milkbar, in Soho.
  • Catch the tube to King’s cross station just so you can shamelessly take photos of yourself pushing a cart into platform 9 3/4  and pretend like you are going to school.
  • Walk down Great Eastern St… and take photos of cool street art.

If you’ve been to or  lived in London, what are your all time favourites?

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Swimming with the gentle giants of the sea – Cebu, Philippines.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 6.47.23 pm


Before I came to the Philippines, I had never even heard of places that would allow you to swim with wild whale sharks. I believe there are multiple places you can swim with them across the Philippines, but the one I first heard of was in Oslob, in Cebu, otherwise known as ‘Oslob whale watching’ As soon as I did a little research, it quickly became another thing to add to my bucket list. Swimming with these gentle giants seems like a fairy tale for anyone who loves the ocean.

The whale sharks are locally known as uyap, and come to Oslob shores to be fed by the locals every morning between 6am and midday.  The whale shark is the largest shark in the world and can reach up to 12 metres long, though some are thought to grow even bigger. For a small price, you can be taken out on a paddle boat to watch and/or swim with the sharks for 40 minutes. Rest assured, hardly any tourists get eaten. Their diet consists mainly of plankton and other small fish. Despite their name and size, they are very docile and gentle.

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Splendid Cebu, Philippines


This was the trip when I realised I am all about the destination and not about the journey.

Travelling from Boracay island to Cebu, we flew with Cebu airlines, which consequently meant our flight was delayed for four hours, with little compensation except for a few meagre chocolate bars. Having said that, Cebu is worth every minute it takes to get there. Although the city is crowded, dirty and the locals act like they have never seen a tourist before (Especially one with blonde hair and blue eyes, seriously, you will feel like a celebrity), venture outside of the city and you will discover a different Cebu. One that is filled with quaint fishing villages and magnificent beaches and diving areas.

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The best 5 things to do in Boracay, Philippines.


1. Head down to Real Coffee on the white sand beach and get one of their famous calamansi muffins and a tea and/or a coffee, sit at the window and people watch.

2. Hire a 4-wheeler (motorbike), and drive up to the top of Mount Luho, (make sure you wear sunglasses because it will get pretty dusty) continue up the steps to the top of the look out and pretend that you aren’t dying of exhaustion from walking up 5 flights of stairs and are actually enjoying the view.

3. Walk along the white sand beach, take photos and stop at Jonah’s Fruit Shakes and order a banana chocolate and rum shake (I swear you will slowly grow accustomed to their rum and maybe (god forbid) even start to enjoy it. Check out Willy’s Rock and take some touristy photos.

4. Head out to Ariels Point for a day trip. Book with the real company and don’t haggle with the guys on the beach. It’s 70 Australian dollars, which although seems a lot for the Philippines, this is the only legitimate company that goes out there daily and will guarantee you entry. This was a lot of fun, besides the cliff diving, it’s also unlimited drinks (Beer, soft drink, water, rum) and included is a buffet lunch (with surprisingly a large selection of vegetarian options). By the end of the day, I will guarantee you will have made 10 new friends, and everyone will be drunk and shamelessly dancing on the boat ride back to Boracay.

5. Waste away the day swimming and drinking on the white sand beach. Get down early and grab a good sun bed. Or if you want something much more relaxed and quieter, try Puka Beach located on the Northern tip of the island. There are no crowds and occasionally it will feel like you have the beach to yourself. Here you can take the perfect photo with out someone intruding in the background.

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